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This page is dedicated to our beloved pets that we have lost over the years. Even though this website is about our Bernese Mountain dogs, Iíve included two special dogs that were part of our lives that just had to be included. I often picture in my mind the Rainbow Bridge, and see my all my old dogs waiting for me, what joy there will be some day when we are all reunited and I get to hug all of my best friends again!


Harthins Miss Molly Malone
6/2010 – 4/2016


Miss Molly came to us from the Harthin Kennel and was a joy to have around every single day. She was happy, sweet, obedient, and the most wonderful dog. She enjoyed swimming, hikes, babysitting, or anything that would help out. She loved to be helpful and found ways to make herself useful like opening doors for the other dogs, did I mention she had a sense of humor? This wonderful dog is another that is truly missed.


Siktor Cierne Krafovstvo
7/2003 – 3/2012


Siktor was a very special dog to me. He was one who insisted on being with me all the time, and would not take NO for an answer. He was my constant shadow 24 hours a day, wherever I was he went. He loved his family, which included his very own cat that he adored. Siktor was a huge berner, but the gentlest of giants, mellow and calm, but very protective of me. No dog was loved more than him, and no dog will ever love me as much as him! RIP my boy.


CHAMPION Baron de Brane av Milkcreek
11/2006 – 4/2011

Baron Baron

Baron was a big beautiful boy who tragically left us early in his life before he was even 5 years old. He was truly in his element when he was the center of attention, showing was a great pleasure for him. He loved everybody and everything, swimming in our brook, and especially wrestling with his dad.


Maxamillion from Balihara Ranch
8/2000 – 7/2008


Max was our very first Swissy. He was loved beyond measure by our whole family, and is still very much missed after all these years. I often catch myself calling a thin blazed berner...Max. He was the most easy going, happy dog I've ever I've ever known, he was one of the greats! One of the things he was known for most was his babysitting ability. If someone visited with children he took it upon himself to keep them herded back to their parents, or to the house, never letting them wander past the lawn. When Max and I walked he never wandered up ahead, one of his jobs was to be at my left leg to lean on if it was slippery or if I needed to lean on him. His altime favorite job was when we hooked the sled to him and he'd proudly pulll the garbage to the end of the road! Max was bred by my friend Jana Stefancova from Slovakia. Jana is a wonderful breeder and respectable FCI judge as well. Thank you Jana! My heart has a big piece of Max in it, and part of mine went with him.


Vert-Monts Shayna
3/1993 – 2/2007

This little dog was our childrens dog, family pet, and our little matriarch that we all loved dearly. She was a kind gentle old soul who spent her days guarding the house from chipmunks, birds and squirrels while she waited for the kids to come back from school. She particularly favored my youngest Charlotte, they were inseparable! Shayna set the bar very high for all of our following berners.


Black Creeks Little Tank
1996 – 2005


"Tank" as he was fondly called was a wonderful Rottie. He was the police in our household and faithful and constant companion for our old dog named Major. Tank loved everyone and everything, and didn't have a mean bone in his body. He was well socialized and went most every place we did as he loved to ride. He especially loved going to Grandma's house! If you said to him "You want to go to Grandma's?", he'd go crazy and wait at the door, impatiently. He had a huge instinct for protecting us. He knew his job was to take care of us all, and he did an amazing job. I owe this dog a lifetime of thanks for protecting my children for so many years. Tank left us when he was 9 to splenic cancer. He was truly loved and still missed after all these years. RIP boy, I will see you some day!


3/1987 – 3/2004

Meet Maj. He came into our lives when he was dumped out at our farm. Before I could find him a home, he settled into our family, and became my best friend. My oldest daughter was just a baby when arrived, and he naturally took on the role of protector and babysitter. Through the next ten years my other two children were born, and wherever they were, you would find him with them, always on guard and watchful, and heaven help anyone who attempted to get near them. I used to think that he was a person in an old hounds body, because I really thought he understood what I was saying and always listened attentively when I spoke to him.He was with us for a very long time, but not nearly long enough. I can’t begin to say how much he is missed still.





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