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Extended Family


Puppies we have placed in loving homes


Marina & Rody

We have known Dorothy since 2000, when we adopted Dory, our first “Berner baby” from her. Subsequently, we have adopted two additional Bernese from Dorothy (Marina is now eight, and Rody is now four). The Bernese Mountain Dogs that we have adopted from Dorothy, have been the sweetest, most even-tempered dogs we have known. All three dogs have been excellent with children (We have three rowdy boys.), very easy to house-train and fun-loving. We do feel blessed to have dogs from Dorothy who we know have been loved from the moment they were born.

My husband and I have had (and still have) a most positive impression of Dorothy, her classic Vermont homestead, and most importantly the beautiful Bernese Mountain Dogs that she raises. The home is a large Vermont farmhouse with outbuildings and a barn against the backdrop of gardens, lawn and forest. The “babies” as Dorothy referred to them were in a cozy whelping room just off the kitchen where they could be part of the family. The “mama dogs” (and other adult dogs) are clearly loved by Dorothy and her family, and are integrated in daily family life.

When we first worked with Dorothy in 2000, we spoke with her veterinarian whose name and number Dorothy happily gave to us (We were doing our due diligence.). And, by all reports (and our own observations) Dorothy takes care of her dogs in a loving, knowledgeable and appropriate manner.

We feel very lucky to know Dorothy and have appreciated her experience and insight when it came to adopting our “Berner babies” from her.

Our best,

Amanda Spencer & Robert “Ski” Wilczynski

Shelburne, Vermont


It has been ten and a half years since we first met and you introduced me to the wonderful breed of the Bernese Mountain Dog. And I want to Thank You so much! My Dog Monty, who is ten and a half, is amazing, healthy, and still hiking and swimming all day long! And since we live in Vermont he loves the winter months, and especially the snow!

You also have also introduced two of my friends into the world of Berner’s and their dogs are all super healthy and energetic as well. The fun really begins when we get all three dogs together, it is fun to watch them play together. Monty is the oldest of the three and when we take them swimming he plays lifeguard. Next in age is Aron’s dog Sherpa, who is 8 and super playful and loves to cross country ski. And Shelly has Nyla, the youngest at age 4 and the female of the group. She loves to “turf” it up all day at the local dog park and loves to swim in Lake Champlain! It is fun to get the three together and watch them play and see the unique characteristics each has with in the breed.

You have done a wonderful job being a Mom to all of our dogs. Whenever Monty sees you he still remembers his days spent being a young puppy at your farm, and what a great place it is. You take such good care of all the dogs, and it shows in every one of our dogs. You have always been great to us and always been available for any questions or help I ever had. I can’t thank you enough for introducing me to Monty! He is an Amazing Dog from an Awesome Breeder!!

Thank you Dorothy!

Lenny Christopher


My name is Karen and I live in Ryegate, VT and I purchase a beautiful Bernese from Dorothy last year. I found Dorothy on line while searching for Bernese breeders, I contacted her and she send me pictures of the dogs she had available, I fell in love immediately. We kept in touch while we were waiting to our pup to be old enough to come home with us. We had a wonderful experience meeting Dorothy and picking up the newest member of our family, she has been great ever since. I send her pictures of my baby every once in a while and have always been able to message her when I had questions about this breed. Our dog is in wonderful health and just beautiful. I have attached a few pictures of her from the past year for you to see. As far as the breed goes, I don’t have anything bad to say about them. Our baby girl, named Bella is the greatest thing ever, I have three teenage kids as well as little kids I baby sit and she is amazing with all of them. She loves to go outside and play but if we are home and she is stuck inside all day she is fine just to lay around and be lazy. She is most definitely my baby, where ever I am she is and she loves to be right next to me, truly the best dog ever. I am so glad I found Dorothy and her pups, considering getting another one in the near future so Bella has someone to play with. I highly recommend Dorothy and her pups if you are looking for an amazing dog for your family.

Karen Farquharso


Ebbie came to us from Dorothy Childs the day after Thanksgiving, 2004. She had been born on October 8, 2004, and was one of the most beautiful puppies you could imagine. Dorothy told us she was the "brat" of the litter and that proved out to be correct and she was a trouble-maker until she was about 14 months when she just flipped a switch and became one of those super sweet, affectionate, loving dogs you always dreaming of owning. We're glad we were patient with her for all those months because she became exactly what I thought I would get in a Bernese Mountain Dog. That said, I still thought she was one of the smartest, most fun loving dogs I could imagine owning, even though she was still headstrong and a ruffian. As she passed the 14 months mentioned earlier, she became the perfect lady, while still being very confident she grew into a dog that almost could anticipate what we wanted from her without us saying a word. For me personally, she was joined with me at the hip. We went everywhere together, took long hikes through the wilderness of the Green Mountains and not so wilderness of the local Indian Brook Reservoir, which we hiked at least 2 times a week in all seasons. Because of Ebbie, we got another Bernese, this one a male rescue Berner from one of the regional rescue organizations. They became a team and when hiking they were almost always a pair trotting in formation. Ebbie died at age 10 in February, 2015, but she lived a good long life for a Berner and seemed to relish every minute. I miss her every day and we have photos all over our house of both her and our rescue boy, Spenser. She was the most loving dog I could ever imagine having as my girl.

Jim & Karen Tompkins



After finding Dorothy through a search on the web she was wonderful to work with as we searched for a berner puppy for our family. With two small children we were finding it hard to make the trek to Montgomery all the way from Glastonbury, CT and Dorothy made it very easy sending down pictures and describing the litter and parents over the phone. She offered to meet us at Logan Airport on a Saturday since she would be down that way on business so that we could meet the last available puppy in the litter and the rest was history. Sam, now is a little over 15 years of age, and weighs in at about 100lbs. He continues to lead a very health life and loves to run in through the orchards and swim in the river. We can't thank you enough for all the assistance and for providing Sam to us as he has become a truly loved member of our family! Best wishes and thank you again!

Sam and the Spencer Family



We picked up our little girl "Colestah" in November from Dorothy and her family. In the six months we have had her she has brought us much joy and happiness. From the initial nervous car ride home, snuggling with Chris, meeting our children, grandchildren, and extended family of friends she has been the happiest and friendliest dog one could imagine. At six months she is a stunningly beautiful and well mannered (most of the time!) and healthy member of our family, and my best hiking partner. We went from wondering how we would manage a new home and growing dog to wondering when the next one is going to come into our lives. When we decide it is time for a sibling for Colestah, we will make the 5 hour drive north to Dorothy's. We simply couldn't be happier.

Paul and Chris Labrie







Heidi was the best dog ever! She was peaceful, happy and healthy! Heidi was 2 when I met my husband. I knew he was a keeper when Heidi loved him as much as I did! She was 7 when my daughter was born and immediately became Teagan's constant companion. She loved to be around people, kids and other dogs. Heidi was 11 when my son came along and again, loved Dylan instantly. Heidi lived an amazing long, healthy life and I can never thank Dorothy enough for my first baby!

Bridget Baker


My husband & I already had a Berner baby & a Rotti when we decided it was time to get another in February 2014. My husband began researching & came a crossed Dorothy Childs' ad for a female puppy almost ready to go. It was fate! We were instantly in love. We made contact & she responded within minutes. It was such an easy conversation & arrangement that we almost thought it was too good to be true. In speaking with Dorothy off & on about the breed & other dogs that were being placed etc. I carefully listened to how there are no exceptions to anything but the best interest & excellence when it came to breeding & who/where the puppies will live.

Dorothy made arrangements for her husband to meet us ( over 6 hrs drive each way). Again, they were so helpful & accommodating that we still were unsure if it was real but away we went to pick up our new baby Dutchess ( she's named after my grandfather who was called Dutch, hence the spelling ) . When we met (exactly on time)we instantly fell in love again. What a beautiful puppy! She is perfect ! She is one of the sweetest dogs we have ever met. Loving & happy all the time. We actually sing to her When you're Smiling because she's always smiling! She's great with any animals we have come in contact with, smart as could be & has never been aggressive in anyway. We could not be happier.

In October 2014 we had to make the heartbreaking decision to say goodbye to our Rotti , Addi girl, due to cancer. After a few months we started talking about wanting another baby. When we decided we were absolutely ready there was no doubt in our minds as to who we would contact. No need to search for ads or other breeders when we have already found the perfect one. We were so satisfied with our previous dealings with Dorothy & the quality of Dutchess. We even said we would wait if she didn't have a litter coming up. I contacted Dorothy & once again she promptly responded. It was fate again... We are more than excited to announce we will be getting another baby around the end of July.

Dante, Amy, Lizzy & Dutchess DiChiaro



The baby from Vert-Mont Kennel that adopted ME on January 21st (Emma) has been such a joy and so beautiful. The process of adoption was so easy and all of the information that you provided was immensely helpful. I also appreciate how you honor the deposit protocol for selection. This is my second Berner so I am very aware of what to expect with the breed. We are now 6 months old and growing so fast (60lb).

Thank you,

Jim Fugitt







I am writing to tell you what a wonderful experience our puppy, Gunnar has been for our family. He has turned out to be a calm, well-mannered, affectionate dog who will be celebrating his first birthday this week!

I found you through The connection was easy and you responded right away. You made us feel quite at ease with your experience and knowledge of the breed. Your explanation of the heritage of the dog and your selection of bloodlines was excellent.

During the selection of our pup from the litter, you provided great communication, photos, videos and descriptions of the emerging personalities was very helpful. As it turned out, your description of the breed and your experience with the bloodline proved to be ‘on target.’ We have a beautiful, large, well behaved Bernese Mountain Dog. His development has been easy and he has demonstrated no health problems. He has a wonderful temperament around young children and new friends. There has been no hint of aggression, although it is clear that he can be protective and is constantly ‘on watch’ for us. Gunnar has played well with our older (5 year-old) Newfoundland. Having a puppy like Gunnar who can ‘hold his own’ with a large dominant dog like the Newfoundland has been good for both of them! They play/wrestle constantly.

So, I hope this letter finds you well and your kennel thriving. Marti, Kristy, Will, Casey and I wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Gunnar and Sampson are thankful, as well! Thank you for providing such a terrific addition to our home and family!

Please find the photos included. If you need any others, please do not hesitate to contact us. If any of your future customers have questions or would like to contact us, please let us know. We certainly endorse your service without hesitation!

Tim Mullett

Lexington, KY



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