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SiktorSince you are visiting our site, you must have a love for the Bernese Mountain Dog breed, just as we do!

I was first introduced to and captivated by this magnificent regal breed in the early 1990s. I found myself drawn to them because of their beauty and gentle, happy demeanor. I found them to be very laid back, non-barkers, affectionate with people and they enjoyed the company of other animals. To me they seemed just about everything that a true family dog should be! I was sold on the breed from that moment on.

Our Bernese Mountain Dogs have been directly imported from some of the finest, oldest and most famous show kennels that Europe has to offer. The Europeans take dog breeding very seriously and I have always admired the knowledge and expertise that has been put into protecting and promoting the health of this wonderful breed. In most European countries itís mandatory that dogs pass a battery of tests before they are allowed to breed and must earn a breeding title. Iím very proud to say that our traditional Bernese Mountain Dog stock exhibit the same heritage of their European ancestors: exemplary health, stocky draft type and glorious personalities.

Our dogs are part of our family and over the years, my Bernese family has helped me in the raising my three children - Hannah, Hartley and Charlotte. Being farm dogs they love to feel needed and want to be useful. When the kids were young the dogs took their duties as babysitters and protectors very seriously. They sleep inside at night and come and go with us all day long. Whether we are in the house, barn, woods or near the brook, they are constantly at our sides. Whenever we have pups they are raised in our family home alongside our other dogs. This ensures that they are very well socialized from an early age and makes transitioning them to their new homes very easy. I usually like to help to bottle-feed each pup as I feel this helps them enjoy human contact early on.

I hope you enjoy looking through our website. If you are interested in visiting with us, or learning more about our dogs or upcoming litters, please give us a call or an email. We invite anyone interested in the breed to come and get to know our dogs. THANK YOU!!!





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